I recently returned to the Philippine Islands after an absence of just over 20 years. I spent almost 11 years in the US Navy, and made many wonderful trips to Subic Bay. I’ve missed the place so much I took a vacation and spent almost two weeks reliving some excellent memories.

I took quite a few photos, including the wide images you see in the header of the web site. I thought I’d share my photos with you. I hope you like them!

The photos are mostly from the Barrio Barretto area of Olongapo City at Subic, Zambales. There are a handful from Angeles City. I only spent two days in Angeles, with the rest at Baloy Beach, just down the road from Barrio Barretto.

On this site you will find bar photos, photos of girls, beach images, pictures of the various hotels and resorts, and much more. One thing you will not find is graphically sexual images. There are plenty of web sites for those. While the subject matter of some of the images on PhilippinePhotos.com can be adult in nature, as the bars are “girly bars”, and many of the women are dressed in skimpy outfits, this is simply a photo sharing site for like minded people.

Every photo and image on this site belongs to me. I will gladly give you permission to use these images, as long as you give me full credit for them. You can use the pictures on your web site, or other web sites, as long as the publishing web site posts a clear link back to PhilippinePhotos.com, on the front page of the site, using the link text “Philippine Photos”. If you can’t fulfill that requirement, please do not reproduce the photos in any way, shape or form.

I proudly use Canon EOS Digital cameras, including two 5D Mark IIs, and a T1I for taking into bars and on rough boat rides, etc. I also use a Sony DSC-WX1 as my walk around camera – it never leaves my hip. I’m planning to replace it with a Canon S100 as soon as I can find one available locally. The Sony has been a great camera, but it’s getting old and small things are beginning to fail. It does take great landscape snaps, and does very well inside bars and at events.

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      Thanks for reminding me, and I’m gald you find the site useful.


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