Aliwan Fiesta Photo Gallery 2011

I hope you enjoy my photos of the 2011 Aliwan Fiesta as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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  2. Campbell says:

    To Al Banks of the USS Walton, DE 361: my father, John P. Copeland (deceased 2005) also seevrd on the Walton in 1944/1945. Dad was from Tennessee. I think he was an electrician or fireman’s mate or something similar. He turned 19 in 1944 aboard the Walton. He used to tell us stories about the Phillippines and Hong Kong.John G. Copeland

  3. Omvir says:

    What is the deal with the third world and wild monkeys? We have been up close and poanesrl with monkeys on several occasions. People always think it is cool, but they are vicious.

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