Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo

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  2. Steve says:

    looking for pics or info from teen high bar off the main drive

  3. Migel (Mike) Casillas says:

    Could u possibly post or send a picture of a place that used to be located as u went all the way straight out the gate and crossed shit river went all the way out till u got to the corner on magasaysay dr. right around the corner was a bar thousands of Marine Amtrackers would meet up at night or day and it was called the Malagaya Store (Amtrak Store). Alot of Marines would like to know what is there now. And have you heard of Ships comming back to Subic Bay again? Some of the Ladies that used to woirk there were Adell and Babe. Adell last i heard had all the Amtrak plaques from all units ever in phillipines along with pictures. alot of marines would like to say hello to adelle a very nice and respected women not your typical bar lady. Thankyou and would really appreciate your help, Thanks again.

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