Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo

If you remember Magsaysay Drive from the 70’s and 80’s, you’ll barely recognize it today. I walked up and down Magsaysay several times, looking for remnants of the old days. The only thing I could find was the entrance to the old Apple Club. That rounded, wide door frame is still there.

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  2. Migel (Mike) Casillas

    Could u possibly post or send a picture of a place that used to be located as u went all the way straight out the gate and crossed shit river went all the way out till u got to the corner on magasaysay dr. right around the corner was a bar thousands of Marine Amtrackers would meet up at night or day and it was called the Malagaya Store (Amtrak Store). Alot of Marines would like to know what is there now. And have you heard of Ships comming back to Subic Bay again? Some of the Ladies that used to woirk there were Adell and Babe. Adell last i heard had all the Amtrak plaques from all units ever in phillipines along with pictures. alot of marines would like to say hello to adelle a very nice and respected women not your typical bar lady. Thankyou and would really appreciate your help, Thanks again.

    1. Michael

      I was one of those Marines.. I wished I had pics of it list them in s flood..I was there 81..82..I a moving back.. Love it and the old store amtrakes we paid for all chairs juke almost cried reading what ya wrote.. My name is Michael Slaybaugh.. Yat yas..

      1. greg carpenter

        Hey, man, who was your Gunny? Wasn’t Perez, was it? My name is Greg Carpenter and I did a couple WestPacs during that time. Spent many nights at the Store. Wow, I had forgotten about Adelle. Super nice lady.

      1. tom amey

        The Amtrac store where we new it is gone. Originally it moved down to near the corner of Magsaysay and Rizal, but is long gone from there as well. Talked to an old timer in a store nearby, she closed the Maligaya Store – no business after the base closed. I remember you Slaybaugh, Buddy of Lou Faircloth. You were a runner and took loads of vitamins. My last time in the Phils was in 2015 and Olongapo in 2010. I went and dove a few of the wrecks in Subic Bay. Stayed in Barrio Barretta.

  3. Supriadi

    I vitised Olongapo in 1985 and 1986. Actually I vitised my brother who was a civilian at Subic, but I was off the Base more then I was on it. I hung out in the Oak Barrel Bar on the same side of the street as Cindy’s Plaza. Do you know if the bar is still there? I had a most excellent time in that bar! I loved everything about visiting Olongapo, Baloy Beach, Clark Air Base, Bagio, just to name a few places, and riding the jeepneys and the Victory Liners, etc. I had a girlfriend that was stationed at Subic in the Navy and she lived out in town. Her maid and I had a blast all around town. Something I’ll never forget.

      1. Kimberly

        Andy and Vicky were a husband and wife duo that played at the Oak Barrel in the early 80’s. My family was stationed in Subic Bay while my dad served on the USS Sterrett (US Navy). My parents took me to see them at The Oak Barrel frequently even though I was only about 11 years old (no drinking age)! Brings back memories.

    1. Donald Norris

      I was station at Cubi pt. from June 1965 t0 May, 1967! I was assigned to the Cubi Pt, weapons dept. AUW Shop! Sure as hell wasn’t any place in the world like Olongapo was in those days

  4. Biswanath

    i like sir Gordon vision for our cnrtouy…. but my concern and suggestion… pls translate this in ilokano, visaya (at kung may ano pa iba salita natin sa phils.) marami kc sa atin ang indi nakakaintindi ng tagalog lalo na ung mga tao nasa liblib na lugar… para naman maintindihan nila ung plataforma hinahain nio para sa bansa…siempre ang mga tao lalo na ung nasa liblib na lugar karamihan indi nakapag aral, siempre ang natatanim lang sa isipan ng mga tao nakatira sa mga liblib na lugar ay ang mga artista madalas nila napapanuod sa tv o sinehan kya kht ala flataporma maayos, dhl artista yun ang nanalo kaya suggestion lang po sir, i believe in you, translate nio po eto palabas na eto in different language we have at ipalabas ninyo sa mga liblib na lugar… tenk u po

  5. DC

    Just curious. You said you hung out at the Oak Barrel, but do not show any pics of it, or from there. Do you have any? Recall a band called the Buckaroos who played there in 80’s.

    1. Scott

      I heard “Edith and D’Buckaroos” at the Subic O club. Or possibly Cubi Pt. Amazing how she sounded exactly like whoever’s song she was singing. Her bass player did a better Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash.

      1. Sandy

        Oak Barrel was our favorite place, out in town, as well. . and Edith and the Buckaroos. . .I believe the Song you are talking about was “Islands in the Stream” a Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers song. . and YES they did an awesome job with it. Edith had such beautiful long hair. We were there in the late 80’s till early 90’s. Husband was Supply Officer at Cubi Point. It was one of our favorite tours. We traveled to Bagio and the Silver School ( have so much silver jewelry from there) , Clark Air Force Base, Magsaysay, Olongapo, some of the other Islands, a week at Boracay Beach. The bus rides were a riot, especially watching the look in our visitors eyes. . .We’d have them sit in the front of the bus to get the best view. . .haha. Another regular was the Gems at the Cubi O’Club . . .they were awesome too. . .and another band with a lead singer, we called Long Tall Sally. We had so much Fun. . .I could go on and on, but will stop here. . .so many fun memories 🙂

  6. Stephen W. Gaudreau

    Are Servicemen Aloud In Olongapo City Or Are They Just Aloud In The Free Port Zone….

    Sgt Stephen W. Gaudreau
    USS. Okinawa LPH 3 Olongapo 1980
    USS Belleau Wood LHA 3
    USS Cleveland LPD 7
    USS Peleliu LHA 5
    USS Nimitz CVN 68
    Cubi Point 1982 To 1983

    1. Austin

      We did the same Pack I was with 1/9 H&S co 13th MAU those were the days my friend , been married 2 times to Pnais and is because of those great times …Semper Fi
      Austin Baxter

  7. Steve Steinhaus

    I was there in 67 and 68.. It was a great Liberty port, but a lot of areas were out-of-bounds back then. I did SP duty on the bridge over s-river, and in town several times.. On Liberty I hung out at the NEW LIFE BAR, (I believe).. 50+ years has a way of fading the memory, haha

    USS DAMATO DD871 1967
    USS FURSE DD882 1968

  8. Brandon Dean Green


    I was in the Navy (duh!) in the late ’80s and I spent 10 days twice
    in the span of 1 West Pac in Subic Bay! Never had a better time in my
    life and that includes Thailand(Pattaya Beach and Phuket). I recall best
    the “Sierra Club”! That was a (relatively speaking) a HUGE PLACE with the
    band playing way down at the bottom stairs leading up to seats way up high.
    Good Stuff!


    I was stationed at Subic from August 90-May 92…work at the flight line as Marine Liasion, lived at Cubi Point at the Barracks closet to the Main Gate to Magsaysay St. I was there when Mount Pinatubo went up. Great time in my life…Love Love the PI..still can speak Tagalog

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