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Added Photo Gallery: Treasure Island Pool Party – 3 April 2011

Treasure Island Beach Resort is one of my favorite places to stay when I visit the Philippines.

Located in Baloy Beach, Olongapo City, Subic, Zambales Province, the resort provides excellent value in accommodations and facilities, and offers a wonderful pool, beach front access, a great restaurant and a fully-stocked bar.

I actually moved to Baloy Beach  in January of this year. I’ve rented a house not 100 meters away from Treasure Island, and I go there often for breakfast and special events. It’s awesome to eat breakfast next to the ocean, while sitting by the pool, using their very fast and free Wi-fi to work on web sites. I’m able to use their pool and beach facilities free of charge, so when I need a break, I’ll go hang out in the pool and chat with the many expats who live around here.

Treasure Island has pool parties roughly every two months.  The latest was yesterday, April 3rd, 2011. Over 80 girls were in attendance, sponsored by 8 clubs from Barrio Barretto. The event drew a large, very well-behaved crowd of expats and tourists alike. The girls were having a great time, which ensured we all had a good time as well!

The party included all the local drinks you could handle, including my favorite, San Miguel Light beer, and all you could eat. They provided an excellent buffet that included Lumpia Shanghai with a spicy sweet and sour sauce, mini-burgers, pasta salad, meatballs in sauce and other foods. Lumpia is like a spring roll with pork, and it’s deep fried.

There were numerous events during the party, including bobbing for balls (plastic balls are tossed in the water, and the girls have to retrieve them without using their hands), a beer drinking/swimming/basketball competition. The girls drink a beer, swim across the pool, and hand off the empty beer can to their partner. The partner now has to drink two beers, and then swim back across, and toss the empty beer cans through a basketball hoop. Another one involved girls sitting on guy’s shoulders, eating an apple that hangs from a rope in the middle of the pool (suspended above), without using their hands. It’s a ton of fun!

Here are a few pics to get you started. Don’t forget to visit the entire gallery of over 235 photos!



Philippine Photo Gallery:  Treasure Island Beach Resort Pool Party