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Philippine Nightlife Websites

This really isn’t a nightlife web site, and I don’t want to start posting photos from inside the bars here. There are many other web sites available for that purpose.

Here are a couple I really like.

Philippines Nightlife – Philippines Nightlife is a very cool looking web site with image galleries of bars and clubs, and information on hotels and restaurants. They also allow business owners to have their own blogs!

Subic Bay and Barretto Bars – a bar review and image gallery site for the Barrio Barretto area of Subic Bay. Starting to post news items and other information of interest, rather than just bar photos.

Philippine Nightlife Business Directory – a Business Directory for Philippine Nightlife. Includes Angeles City, Subic Bay, and Manila. Business owners can submit their listing for free.

If you know of any other good resources, please post them in the comments. When you do, please use plain text for the URL to the site – don’t use HTML code or I might think it’s spam.

Added Photo Gallery: Baloy Beach Photos

Baloy Beach (sometimes called Baloy Long Beach) is just past the Barrio Barretto neighborhood on the National Highway outside of Olongapo City, Subic, Zambales Province, in the Philippine Islands.

I used to go to Baloy Beach and rent a small A-frame hut for about $4.00 a day. We would get up relatively early in the morning, around noon, and wait a few minutes until I fisherman would stroll by, selling his latest catch. We would usually get Tuna. The fisherman would sell two fish, about 10 lbs each, for roughly $3.00. He would then make a little charcoal fire in the sand in front of the hut, and cook the fish, complete with seasonings and a dipping sauce that was reminiscent of soy sauce, though not as salty and spicier.

There was not much else on Baloy Beach at that time. Towards the end (going away from Barrio Barretto), was a few places where you could pay for beach access with tables, nipa huts and fireplaces for about a dollar a day. Some of those are still there.

What has obviously changed is the construction of beach resorts. Today, you can stay at Blue Rock, Wild Orchid, Treasure Island, Sheavans, Harley’s, Kokomos, Johan’s Dive Resort and more. In addition, there are many small hotels and apartments/condos that you can rent just a block or two off the beach. I’ll add a gallery of those later – the geo-coding is taking a while, as it’s hard to remeber exactly where each of these smaller places are!

Baloy Beach is growing up. It’s great right now, but I can see it becoming crowded and noisy in the next few years. If you want to experience a great, relaxing place that’s not overly commercial, you should probably go in the next year or two.

Philippine Photo Gallery: Baloy Beach Photos