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Expat Mail Forwarding and Shipping

I’ve been researching mail delivery issues for quite some time. I need to receive important mail while I’m in the Philippines. It’s critical for me. Using the US Post Office and the Philippine postal service is not really an option – I need full tracking and accountability. So, I’ve been looking at many of the services available, including USA2Me, USABox, and others.

After reviewing the costs, features, and customer reviews, I’ve determined that USA2Me is the one to try first. The prices are more reasonable, and it seems to be a much more mature service – they have everything in place, and the web site is fully developed and easy to use.

For full details, please take a look at the review I added to the site: Expat Mail Forwarding.

Disclaimer: As you can easily see from the banners on the site, USA2Me has an affiliate program, and I have signed up for it. This did NOT influence my decision to use them for my own mail forwarding services. This potentially puts them at risk for a poor review, because if my service is not good, believe me I’ll tell you!