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Added Photo Gallery: Fairah at White Rock, Subic, Zambales


Full Gallery: Fairah at White Rock.

I had the distinct pleasure of spending an afternoon at White Rock Beach Resort here in Subic, Zambales Province, taking pictures of a wonderful model. Her name is Fairah, and she lives here in Subic.

It was a day of new things for both of us. She’s never modeled before, and I’ve never done a glamour or portrait shoot, directing models. I think it worked out pretty well, over all.

It’s obvious I’m still learning about photography. I made a couple of significant, fundamental errors in these photos.

1, I had set the ISO at 400 early on, as I was using a polarizing filter and it was a bit cloudy at the moment. I forget to adjust it later.

2, I didn’t consider the depth of field while shooting many of the photos. I think some would look better with a more blurred background.

I’m sure more experienced photographers will be able to point out other errors. I would welcome the comments.

These were all shot with a little Canon t1i and a Canon EF 17-40 f4.0L UM lens, with the Canon 420EX II flash for fill light. I also used a Sunpak CP filter.

So, without further ado, please take a look at my photos of Fairah at White Rock.

Full Gallery: Fairah at White Rock.