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Added Photo Gallery: Daddy Dave’s 69th Birthday Pool Party

Full Gallery: Daddy Dave’s 69th Birthday Pool Party at Treasure Island

What a day! This weekend has been a whirlwind of party-time activities here in Subic. This is the weekend of “Daddy Dave’s” 69th Birthday Party, and the party has gone on non-stop! The weekend started with the Sons of Bacchus Subic Dance Competition at Lips Bar in Barrio Barretto, followed by a monster bar hop with 7 stops, also finalizing at Lips Bar, and today’s pool party. Add in the after parties and the afternoon bar-b-ques, etc, and it’s been a great, crazy weekend!

The pool party started off with decent weather. A little overcast, with a few breaks in the clouds letting in some sun. I was stuck at the house taking care of a few tasks for some clients, but kept an eye on the weather throughout. Around 2:00 I packed up my camera gear and walked over to Treasure Island. The sky was a little darker, but it didn’t look at all like would rain.

I decided to go all out today, and took two DSLRs and a Compact. I fitted a Canon T1i with a Canon 17-40 f4/L wide angle and Canon 480 EX II flash, and a Canon 5D MkII with a Tamron 70-300 telephoto zoom lens, and of course my trusty Sony WX-1 Compact which never leaves my side.

I entered the pool area at Treasure Island and took a quick look around. The pool and poolside areas were packed FULL of gorgeous girls in bikinis, all smiling and laughing and having a great time. There were probably 100 girls in all. The guests had turned out for this party, with roughly 60 people in attendance. I started getting my gear ready, planning to shoot, shoot and shoot some more! Then I looked out into the bay, and saw a huge wall of black clouds obscuring the horizon out by Grande Island in Subic Bay. After blinking a few times in disbelief, the wind hit, and chairs started blowing over, with the wind whistling in the palm trees. Less then two minutes later, the rain hit, and it hit pretty hard.

To my surprise, the girls just laughed and kept dancing, swimming, flirting and enjoying themselves. About half the guests moved under the balconies and other protected areas, with the other half staying in and around the pool, enjoying the day no matter what!

I walked around the protected areas and took some shots with the long lens, and a number of closer shots with the wide angle. Eventually I knew I had to get wet, so I stored my gear in a secure location, whipped out the trusty Sony compact, and braved the elements.

Please take a look, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Full Gallery: Daddy Dave’s 69th Birthday Pool Party at Treasure Island


Added Photo Gallery: Fairah at White Rock, Subic, Zambales


Full Gallery: Fairah at White Rock.

I had the distinct pleasure of spending an afternoon at White Rock Beach Resort here in Subic, Zambales Province, taking pictures of a wonderful model. Her name is Fairah, and she lives here in Subic.

It was a day of new things for both of us. She’s never modeled before, and I’ve never done a glamour or portrait shoot, directing models. I think it worked out pretty well, over all.

It’s obvious I’m still learning about photography. I made a couple of significant, fundamental errors in these photos.

1, I had set the ISO at 400 early on, as I was using a polarizing filter and it was a bit cloudy at the moment. I forget to adjust it later.

2, I didn’t consider the depth of field while shooting many of the photos. I think some would look better with a more blurred background.

I’m sure more experienced photographers will be able to point out other errors. I would welcome the comments.

These were all shot with a little Canon t1i and a Canon EF 17-40 f4.0L UM lens, with the Canon 420EX II flash for fill light. I also used a Sunpak CP filter.

So, without further ado, please take a look at my photos of Fairah at White Rock.

Full Gallery: Fairah at White Rock.